Industrial/Oil & Gas

Oil & Gas, Petro-Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Bio-Tech, Manufacturing...

TPM in association with Williams International Group has a strong track record in the industrial sector having worked in close partnership with prestigious clients over a number of years. Our experience encompasses a variety of industrial facilities, such as general warehousing and storage facilities, commercial units, manufacturing and processing plants, research & development facilities, pilot plants, logistics centers and distribution facilities, pharmaceutical production facilities and bio-tech facilities, as well as oil & gas / petro chemical facilities.

The oil & gas/chemicals sector is experiencing unprecedented demands to supply the world economies. Obtaining replacement resources is raising location challenges around access complexity or remoteness, and in some cases long term political stability. The sector is also diversifying away from traditional heavy carbons into a varied product mix including Oil Sands, LNG, Ethanol and Oil Shale to meet these supply demands. Added to this, clients are having to comply with stricter regulatory requirements involving environmental, governance and financial reporting issues.

The investment landscape is also changing with national oil companies and independent oil companies now demanding cost and time certainty for all investments, whether they are expended upon existing assets or new complex mega projects. Client organizations also require improved performance from their existing assets in terms of production and are continually striving to develop improved approaches to increase reliability and productivity in support of production.

TPM in association with Williams International Group, we have developed innovative solutions which allow clients to enhance their control of time and cost on investments, increase productivity and throughput, and thus assist them in achieving their project promises. Our approach also enables clients to obtain and manage the knowledge necessary to efficiently achieve their investment goals and effectively maintain their assets across the globe.

TPM in association with Williams International Group, we anticipate and respond to the specific challenges experienced by our industrial sector clients with innovative and practical solutions that ultimately deliver high quality workspaces without any compromise in terms of cost, time and value.