Construction Digitalization Services

From the beginning, TPM Williams has always provided their clients a unique
blend of Professional Services and State-of-the-Art Technology.
We utilize a New Working Method which provides true collaboration with high
levels of integration and real time perspectives on all project KPI’s, giving our
clients the proper information required to move their projects forward with
Our Construction Digitalization Services Division was founded with the clear goal
of being part of today’s modernization of the construction industry by offering
services that will help achieve:
• Integrated scope, schedule & cost
• Better transparency
• Earlier project completion time
• Identification of risks & opportunities earlier
• Historical data & knowledge capture (Big Data)

It is important to understand just how much BIM 3D/4D/5D Services can impact
a project. Implementing these services from the earliest project stages helps
to manage the project successfully from start to finish without cost and time
We are determined to present all of the advantages and benefits these services
can offer by developing, delivering and utilizing data rich models.
Services under our Construction Digitalization group include:
• Design Presentation / 3D Project Walkthrough
• Detailed BIM models for Engineering and Coordination
• Design Optimization and Data Analytics
• Visualized Cost Estimating
• Visualized Scheduling and Project Simulations
• Advanced Tender Analytics
• Visualized Construction Progress Monitoring
• Real Time BI Reporting