Solid Propellant Disposition Facility, Russia

Project Details
  • Client/Project Manager/Consultant

    Russian Federation

The Solid Propellant Disposition Facility (SPDF) was intended to provide the Russian Federation with a contained incineration system to remove propellant from solid-fuel ICBMs and SLBMs and to cut up missile bodies and canisters in accordance with START I elimination requirements. Williams was tasked by Lockheed Martin Energy Technologies (LMET) to prepare an Independent Cost Estimate (ICE) and Variance Report for a Propellant Disposition Facility in the Russian Federation. The purpose of the facility is to treat combustion by-product gasses in the exhaust plumes resultant from the disposition of solid fuel propellants. The estimate is for validating the cost of the project as provided by the Designer/ Constructor. The Cost Variance Report demonstrates major differences between the ICE and the Designer/Constructors estimate of cost.

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