Special Advisory

The effective delivery of projects, especially property related, requires a combination of multiple special areas of knowledge. TPM we have invested in the development of capability in a diverse range of special services which complement our core project management and cost & contracts functions. These services are offered both as stand-alone services direct to clients or as an integral part of the way TPM delivers projects. In all cases they give clients the ability to deal with the increasing complexity of projects and the need to ensure that assets are used to maximum efficiency.

The services include specialist technical areas of expertise such as sustainability & energy advice, where we seek to be at the forefront of current knowledge. Other services such as risk management, value engineering, dispute resolution, project auditing, strategic procurement, and facilities management focus on bringing industry best practice to bear on the delivery of projects and major developments.

Invested in the development of capability

By providing our clients with a greater understanding of their risk exposure and an increased focus on proactive decision making, our clients will experience improved levels of project performance, greater certainty of achieving objectives and more effective use of limited resources.

TPM is experienced at applying a range of qualitative and quantitative risk management techniques to review and analyze potential risks and ensure appropriate actions and processes are in place to mitigate them.  This includes providing independent facilitation, training, selection and development of software and specialist analytical techniques.  By developing strong relationships with our clients, so that we understand their objectives and what matters to them, we are able to help ensure that risks to those objectives are managed efficiently and proactively.  This close relationship enables us to develop innovative and effective solutions to managing our client's risks at all levels of their program.

A proactive approach to managing risk is embedded into our culture and is an integral part of our project management and cost & contracts service portfolios.  Our team of specialized risk management experts are experienced at applying a range of proven tools and techniques across a wide variety of projects and sectors, and provide practical advice and support to project teams.  Our in-house project control tools have been proven to help capture and manage risk through key stages of projects and help ensure risk is actively managed

Our Risk Management services shall include:

• Development of risk management plan
• Prepare, update and analyze project risk register
• Provide risk profiling and assessments
• Facility risk workshops
• On-going project risk support
• Cost & time risk analysis (@Risk, Pertmaster, etc.)

TPM sustainability team advises clients throughout all stages of the planning and design process to ensure that the developments they deliver are of optimum environmental standard and satisfy the demands of increasingly stringent planning policy.

Working with the client we inform the design of new developments to ensure that they adhere to the principles and requirements of sustainable design and construction. We offer technical solutions that are viable from a theoretical and practical perspective. Our ability to draw on TPM cost consultants knowledge base differentiates us from the competition by enabling us to cost the design solutions we recommend, therefore ensuring that they are viable in reality and not just on paper. 

Our reports provide a technical and non-technical breakdown of the assessment process to ensure comprehension by readers of all backgrounds.

Our rapidly expanding sustainability team has a diverse range of expertise in the environmental sector including environmental science, engineering and architecture disciplines. The team works with both private and public clients both nationally and internationally. As well as providing specialist advice, the team is adept at running discussion forums, design workshops and meetings. They also run training sessions internally and externally to educate and guide people regarding what sustainability actually means to them and their projects.

Our experts are LEED Accredited Professionals and are responsible for project managing Green Building Assessments. Typically, their role involves providing an interface between the technical and cost considerations often encountered while appraising sustainability options on projects. Other areas of our expertise include sustainability strategy, carbon footprinting and life cycle cost assessment.

At a buildings level, we are following Green Building Certification consultancy initiatives for the Middle East market. Green Building Certification (incorporating environmental assessment methods such as LEED, BREEAM and Estidama) is expected to become more popular as the regulatory environment within the Middle East evolves.

Our Sustainability Advice services shall include:

• Carbon foot printing & reduction advice
• Client sustainability strategy
• Life cycle costing analysis
• Project specific option appraisals
• Technical & commercial sustainability advice
• Client sustainability training

TPM is one of the largest independent provider of Value Engineering and Value Analysis services in the United States and across the globe. We have performed thousands of VE studies and training sessions over the past 28 years and we have many Certified Value Specialists (CVS’s) on staff certified by the Society of American Value Engineers International (S.A.V.E.) to provide comprehensive services to assist project owners, designers and / or developers in obtaining the maximum possible value for each dollar invested.

TPM has first class systems for drilling down into the rationale for expenditure and driving down cost while enhancing quality. We test whether better value solutions exist and use our project control tools to capture and manage value initiatives through the key stages of project.

In addition to our value engineering team, all TPM professional staff are experienced at instilling value cultures within organizations, advising on procedures and early project definition work. From our formal value engineering workshops, clients typically experience enhanced project performance and quality, reduced costs, greater certainty of achieving objectives and enhanced team buy-in.

These workshops are conducted with an independent team of expert design disciplines led by one of our Certified Value Specialists. A systematic methodology will be followed called a VE Job Plan that assists the value engineering team in identifying high cost-to-worth ratios, selecting alternatives that minimize cost while maximizing quality, developing creative ideas, emphasizing life cycle rather than capital costs, and understanding the purpose and functions of the facility. The VE Job Plan will be executed in six phases (information, functional analysis, creative, evaluation, development, presentation) by the VE Team Leader.

Our value engineering team also has experience in developing databases to track all value analysis alternatives which are under consideration and maintains up-to-date status on implementation of all accepted options.

Our Value Engineering services shall include:

• Providing project value reviews
• Project capital and life cycle cost assessment
• Detailed value analysis and affordability reviews
• Formal value engineering workshop facilitation
• Client value engineering procedure development
• Client value engineering training accredited by S.A.V.E.

A robust procurement strategy optimizes performance, ensures regulatory compliance and maximizes the client's commercial position. Taking a strategic view in treating capital investment options as long-term programs rather than 'one-off' projects can lead to significant benefits.

Procurement strategies have often been developed by the individual experience of people associated with the project or program, or through utilization of "the one we used last time".  We challenge the client to identify what they want to achieve in a number of key areas, including their appetite for holding or transferring risk, capability & capacity of the market to meet their needs, approach to contract management, opportunity to innovate, need to comply with public contract regulations, and short-term benefits or long term relationships.

We can advise clients on the options available to achieve their desired outcomes in these areas. An optimum procurement strategy, executed effectively can lead to significant benefits to the achieve project portfolio success.  We believe there is not a "one size fits all" procurement strategy.

Through questioning the client's requirements we produce a 'statement of needs' that acts as a clear communication of what is required and a basis from which procurement decisions are made. We can provide comparisons with previous research to aid decision making in areas such as; contract choice (Such as FIDIC, JCT, NEC3 or PPC approaches), market research (identifying what potential suppliers may be interested) and risk profiles (identifying risks and opportunities in the chosen approach).

By consideration of the pro's and con's of all benefits we can design the optimum procurement strategy, presenting a business case for all the important decisions made.

Our Strategic Procurement Advice services shall include:

• Defining strategic project objectives
• Evaluating procurement options to achieve objectives
• Detailing strategic procurement advice on options
• Providing procurement audits
• Providing client procurement training

Effective facilities management ("FM") contributes to the success of every organization. By developing comprehensive FM strategies, our service allows our clients to concentrate on the core activities of their business by reducing the burden of managing building maintenance and operation.

We approach FM at two levels. At corporate level, we recognize the contribution effective FM policies provide to the delivery of strategic and operational objectives. On an operational level, effective FM provides a safe and efficient working environment.

Our approach is focused on results.  Working with the client at all stages, we develop clear asset and facilities management plans, reflecting the corporate business strategies, design and type of facility. We review the provision of clients FM services, monitoring current performance auditing and benchmarking against our comprehensive cost database and where appropriate, we can provide life cycle costing advice. Our FM service includes auditing, benchmarking and market testing together with outsourcing and procurement advice. We also provide post contract management and monitoring and advice on all aspects of operational FM.

Our aim is to provide the client with an FM service delivery model which is adherent to the clients requirements, increases asset flexibility and where appropriate reduces operating costs, while ensuring statutory obligations are met. A key advantage of our FM advice is that we are independent of any supply chain and this allows us to focus entirely on maximizing value for our clients. We provide a complete range of FM services and have a proven track record in delivery.

By consideration of the pro's and con's of all benefits we can design the optimum procurement strategy, presenting a business case for all the important decisions made.

Our Facilities Management Advice services shall include:

• FM advice & support
• FM audits & due diligence
• Interim FM support
• Benchmarking of FM costs
• FM outsourcing advice
• FM budget preparation & management
• FM procurement support

A project audit provides an opportunity to uncover the issues, concerns and challenges encountered at any stage of a project life cycle. It affords the client and other project team an interim view of what has gone well and what needs to be improved with the project to successfully complete it. If done at the close out of a project, a project audit can be used to develop success criteria for future projects by providing a forensic review. This review will provide an opportunity to learn what elements of the project were successfully managed and which ones presented some challenges.

Regardless of whether the project audit is conducted at inception, mid-term or at its conclusion, the process is similar. TPM undertakes such tasks as an outside facilitator to ensure confidentiality and neutrality at the same time provides the team members and other stakeholders with the opportunity to be candid.

Typically the audit will be conducted in three phases, 1) success criteria and questionnaire development, 2) in-depth research, and 3) report development. The scope of each audit shall vary depending on the requirement of the client.

Our Project Audit services shall include:

• Comprehensive project audits
• Technical audits
• Financial / commercial audits
• Procurement & contractual audits
• Quality & HSE audits
• FM audits

TPM team works with the client’s design team to analyze the energy demand of new (and existing) developments and identify areas where fossil-fuelled energy consumption can be reduced through efficiency upgrades (i.e. improving building fabric), effective building layout (i.e. use of natural ventilation, decreasing unwanted solar gain) and through the incorporation of renewable energy technology.

Once the team has a thorough understanding of the energy demand of facility(s) they can analyze and determine the key areas that should be addressed and the solutions necessary to reduce energy consumption/CO2 emissions. This understanding has been built on a depth of project experience and the delivery of leading edge research into the field.

Working with our cost team, we can provide the costs, quantities and dimensions of the solutions we propose. The team also has a thorough understanding of the merits and constraints of renewable energy technology including planning, operational performance and cost aspects.

We work with clients at the inception stage of projects helping inform designs by provided detailed guidance about the building materials and technical solutions required to reduce carbon emissions. Our capability includes:

• Provision of analysis of the cost and benefits obtained through the use of differing design solutions;
• Provision of design advice regarding all scale of renewable technology from micro generation (individual solar panels per dwelling) right through to large-scale wind farms. We also advise about The procurement and operational management of such technology;
• Advice on both new build and existing projects (retrofitting);
• Advice informed by strong links with industry and directly liaise with market-leading renewable energy technology manufacturers to obtain the most recent price and performance information.

Our Energy Advice services shall include:
• Energy feasibility studies and design costing advice
• Value analysis of carbon savings
• Capital cost assessment & procurement management
• Value for money appraisals