Project & Program Management

TPM Williams project management team is recognized as a group of world class professionals capable of initiating, planning, executing, monitoring and controlling any type of project from inception to completion. Our service includes a full range of complementary project management skills which are fully coordinated to ensure a seamless and integrated service.

We work across the private and public arena in sectors such as residential, retail and mixed use, healthcare, aviation, transportation, energy and infrastructure, education and industrial. We recognize that in a dynamic changing environment the ability to both initiate and respond to

change is a key factor in creating competitive advantage.

Our approach is based on a defined methodology that addresses the needs of the project throughout its life cycle, from inception through to completion and handover. We strive always to provide our clients with the very best advice and will make our service relevant to the specific needs of each client and each project. Our project managers are selected based on their management, commercial, technical, articulation and creative skills.

Get a Solid Grip on Your Program or Project with our Program & Project Management Services

The Project Manager's duties will vary at this stage depending on the Client’s expertise and requirements, the nature of the project, the timing of the appointment and similar factors. It is advisable to appoint the Project Manager at a very early stage, possibly at the inception.

Collection of all information including review, validation and organizing in a structured and manageable format is a major task in the initiation stage.

Irrespective of project specific scope, TPM policy is to ensure professional, competent management coordination, monitoring and controlling of the project right from the inception stage through its satisfactory completion in accordance with the project brief.

Project Management, although strongly associated with project controls and systems, is above all about managing people. TPM always motivates the project team and thus gains their commitment which enables them to deliver the best services in a most competitive manner throughout initiation to completion phases. 


Our Project Initiation and Validation services shall include: 
• Establishment of objectives and brief
• Support in funding and development appraisals
• Co-ordination & communication with project stakeholders
• General review and feedback on initial project budget
• Development of project charter
• Establishment of team responsibilities
• Assistance in appointment of lead consultant 

Project planning and controls have been a core competency within our business for over 25 years. We have a reputation for excellence in this area. Our proposition is that we bring with us all the necessary tools, processes and procedures, then incorporate the best and most appropriate elements into the planning phase of the program with the intention to roll it out over the project life cycle, such that “best practice” project controls become intrinsic to the program and second nature for all participants.

It is our belief that in the area of support services, the quality and values of our people are absolutely key to the over all performance of projects and programs. Once aspects are systemized and automated, the single biggest risk becomes the performance of individuals within project and program teams. We intend to bring our skills to bear, and generate an enthusiasm for project planning and control right across the project portfolio.

Our Project Planning and Control services shall include:
• Work breakdown structure (WBS) preparation
• Master program and schedule preparation
• Establishment of integration, scope and risk management practices
• Establishment of project communication, cost & schedule management systems & procedures
• Development of budget, procurement, HSE & quality plans
• Development of energy plan consistent with local standards
• Development of the project management plan
• Implementation of project control tools suited for the project

In any design or construction project, there are many parties involved in the development and the progress of works. Each party has certain responsibilities to perform, tasks to achieve, and roles to play. TPM, from the early start of the project, will establish the Matrix of Responsibility needed to control and organize those tasks. The benefits of this matrix are apparent whenever a change in the design or a decision needs to be taken. The clear line of authority shall help in minimizing conflicts and in establishing effective decision making tools.

As a basis for monitoring and controlling the design works. TPM will use the agreed design management plan. Project coordination and progress meetings are major tasks in the design management process for which TPM has its own time tested systems and procedures.


Our Design Management service shall include, but is not limited to:

• Design management plan preparation
• Assistance in preparation of detailed project/design brief
• Assistance in procurement of other consultants and specialists
• Coordinated design schedule and progress monitoring
• Co-ordination with client, consultants, statutory authorities, investors/end-users, etc.
• Organize and chair design meetings
• Management of design development process and conduct design reviews
• Validation of project budget at each stage of design progress
• Implementing value management practices

Method of procurement is construed as a major factor affecting the triple project constraints, namely time, cost and quality. TPM, with its vast experience in procuring different type of projects successfully, shall recommend the best procurement method for a specific project.

The pre-qualification process of Contractors shall be managed by TPM in the most professional manner. Equally important is the management of the tendering/bidding process to accomplish selection of the most competitive tender in all aspects.


Our Procurement/Tender Management services shall include:

• Contractors pre-qualifications and invitations to participate in the tender
• Preparation of tender schedule
• Review of tender documents
• Managing tender addenda/ bulletins
• Co-ordination with project team members
• Managing post tender clarifications and meetings
• Tender evaluation and recommendation
• Assistance in tender negotiations and award of contract
• Organizing and chairing pre-start meetings
• Managing preparation of contract documents

At this stage, TPM shall aim to ensure the safe completion of the construction/development within the targets set at previous stages.

TPM shall act as the proactive driver of the project and shall manage the construction as a seamless operation implementing all policy and strategy decisions that have been taken during the earlier stage of the project cycle.

Forecasting and managing risks play a major role. These are key aspects to be given due consideration when measuring the added value of a project manager. Also, coordination of different construction activities ensuring no ‘grey areas’ is a vital management role.

TPM has seasoned teams with proven capabilities in all construction management areas including coordination, contract administration, implementation of quality and safety policies, forecasting, monitoring and controlling risks, time and cost. The same is recognized as the company’s salient feature.


Our Construction Management services shall include:

• Organizing and chairing progress meetings
• Ensuring that all the technical, contractual and legal formalities are complied to commence
• Implementation of construction management plan
• Review / approval of construction schedule
• Monitoring work progress & cash flows
• Co-ordination of works with other project team members
• Management of quality and HSE aspects
• Management of variations, claims and payments
• Risk identification, monitoring and controlling

TPM operates a global health, safety & environment (HSE) team. Based around its core, the HSE team offers a full range of specialist advice and training throughout the construction and property industry.

With continual changes to regulations, companies are increasingly accountable for their health, safety and environmental performance. Pro-active advice enables companies to meet their legal obligations and achieve objectives while protecting their commercial interests. Our services are tailored to suit individual projects from one off schemes to long term managed services.

We work with our clients to reduce accident rates and reportable incidents by raising safety standards and awareness.  Clients experience commercial benefits through improved staff retention, lower insurance rates and the implementation of pragmatic solutions to the diverse health and safety challenges that construction works can present.

Our Health, Safety & Environment services shall include:

• HSE Co-ordination
• Health and safety audits
• Drafting health and safety plan and procedures
• Setting up health and safety management systems
• HSE training and development

Project quality management includes the processes required to ensure that a project will meet the needs for which it was undertaken. Those processes include quality planning, quality assurance and quality control.

TPM uses a rolling program of project audits to embed a culture of continual improvement into the project delivery program, through objective measures, corrective and preventive actions, and through engagement of the entire project team with the quality management systems via communications, daily use, topical training sessions (e.g. tool box talks), interaction with the audit process, system performance feedback and system improvement suggestions.

TPM approach to the quality management of the project will be outward looking and aims to put in place an effective quality assurance and control regime to be cascaded to all project participants. This is done assure the Client that end-product requirements will be met progressively through the life of the project. The emphasis is upon ‘quality’ being proactively planned, designed and built in to the project, rather than retroactively trying to inspect it in.

TPM, our objective is to produce projects which meet or exceed the required standards and regulations, performance and durability in a safe, timely and cost effective manner.

Our Quality Management services shall include:

• Quality assurance plan development and implementation
• Development of the quality control organization structure and responsibilities
• Control of consultant quality
• Control of contractor, sub-contractor & supplier quality
• Management of QA/QC documentation & quality records
• Non-conformance management
• Independent quality audits

Project close-out management is a process that coordinates the efficient seamless handover of a new facility to its owner. Our systematic project close-out approach ensures that organizations achieve their service requirements and can realize the full benefits of their new facility.

This stage usually marks the end of the main construction works and involves the project manager in a number of specified activities to close-out the construction contract successfully. Project completion and handover are very much interlinked. This is the final stage of work executed by the contractors and the consultants prior to acceptance of the facility by the client. They are carried out under the continued coordination and supervision of the project manager.

TPM team will take control of this process from inception through completion. We will prepare a detailed hand-over plan and schedule and implement orderly closeout procedures for verification of completeness of each of the construction elements. At the proper time, TPM will coordinate with the consultant on the preparation of a punch lists, indicating the items of work remaining to be accomplished, and ensure that these items are completed in an expeditious manner.

TPM shall assemble all guarantees, warranties, etc., as required by the contract documents and forward them to the Client, certifying that they are complete and cover all work as required.

Our Project Close-out Management services shall include:

• Planning and scheduling hand-over 
• Managing taking over of the works
• Ensuring that all the technical, contractual and legal close out formalities are complied
• Verifying completeness of warrantees, guarantees, as built-drawings and operation manuals
• Co-ordination with appropriate team members
• Managing payment certifications and settlements
• Assistance in facility management planning