Our Story

TPM Williams roots began in the United States in 1983 as a specialized cost consultancy firm, and has since grown to become a global professional services organization providing project management, cost consultancy, project controls, claims management, and 5D construction digitalization services for all types of projects across a wide array of market sectors including residential, commercial, hospitality, utilities, defence, power, transport, healthcare, education, hi-tech and manufacturing, as well as renewable energies, retail, and government agencies. In 2004, TPM Williams opened up its Middle East headquarters in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, in order to serve the increasing project development in the region. 

TPM Williams operates from 4 global regions from which it is able to serve clients in any part of the world with an employee base representing a wide range of professionally qualified individuals from all areas of the construction industry. 

Our policy of careful recruitment of high-quality staff from a variety of professional disciplines and backgrounds allows us to provide our clients with specialist advice and expertise on all aspects of our services.

From a growing network of offices in the region, we are undertaking projects with many of the most progressive and successful organizations in the world, providing our clients with an essential combination of local knowledge and global best practice.

Our reputation is founded on a single-minded commitment to finding the best way to achieve the greatest advantage for our clients.  Our talented staff provides many of the world’s major developments with the skills and expertise to improve the way they develop, deliver and operate their property.  It is no coincidence that we continue to benefit from long-term partnerships.

What separates TPM Williams from other companies offering similar services is that we provide a unique blend of professional services coupled with our state-of-the-art 5D BIM Construction Digitalization Technology for managing and controlling the projects.  This allows us to provide maximum control on the budget and schedule by providing real time visual project simulations for project cashflow and financial optimization during the design development and planned vs. actual visual simulations during project construction for enhanced progress monitoring.  Majority of risks are taken out of the project at the early stages, and the client achieves a higher quality project, on time and at a reduced cost.

We draw extensively on the experience we gain in different global regions and industry sectors and consolidate our learning into new products and innovative solutions for our clients.  Our service model responds to the changing needs of our clients, and we believe it represents a holistic approach for the delivery of our services and establishes a framework for maximizing value and achieving our clients’ business goals.