Al Rahba Greenhouse Project, Abu Dhabi, UAE

Project Details
  • Client/Project Manager/Consultant

    Abu Dhabi Department of Municipalities & Transport/ TPM Williams/Dar Al Handasah

  • Services Provided

    Project Management and 5D Construction Digitalization Pilot

The Al Rahba Greenhouse Project is a 30,000 m2 fully
enclosed and conditioned set of connected glass
enclosures with inflatable roofs (ETFE) that will house a
variety of greenery, walkways, and interactive activities
for all ages to enjoy. The Al Rahba Greenhouse is the
first in a series of 15 such facilities that will be
constructed around Abu Dhabi as part of the
Municipality’s “green” enhancement efforts in the
Emirate. TPM Williams is the PMO for the construction
efforts on this pilot project, and will continue in such
capacity as more projects are launched.

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