Michael Belt

Director, Claims & Project Control

Mike Belt is Director of Claims & Project Control with the key responsibility of overseeing these services for the Company and ensuring that they are delivered to our Clients at the highest possible standards.

Mr. Belt is a forensic scheduling and project controls planning expert with over 25 years of expertise in delay analysis, forensic scheduling, construction claims management, project controls, and schedule and cost risk analysis. His roles have included Lead Project Planning positions, Lead Forensic Scheduling Expert, Testifying Expert, ADR Negotiations, Project Controls Manager, CPM “Best Practices” Metrics Expert, as well as having supported project controls procedure development for many clients worldwide.  He has worked on behalf of General and Specialty Contractors, Owners, Consultants, and Government Agencies on projects of all types, values and complexities in Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait, China, and the United States.

Mike has performed over 100 schedule delay analyses for (EOT) claims on projects ranging up to $6.5 Billion in construction value.  He has also been responsible for the strategy, coordination, and execution of numerous forensic delay analyses and expert reports supporting ADR negotiations, arbitration and litigation. He has led Project Control teams on multi-billion-dollar projects across the Middle East and globally. His ability to work within any industry and culture has provided clients with seamless Project Management and Claims Management successes across 4 continents. Mike has also overseen the successful completion of 6 Mega developments world-wide, worth over $21 Billion USD.

With a background in construction and real estate, Mike utilizes his unique skills and knowledge to bring added value, expertise and leadership throughout the project life cycle. Mr. Belt holds certifications in BI tools, Scheduling and cost platforms, in addition, a Masters Degree in Construction Management from Regis University, USA, and a Bachelor Degree in Geography, Cartographic Engineering, University of South Florida, USA.

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